Inktober 2017

In October I took part in Inktober, a drawing challenge where you are required to do a doodle a day throughout the month.

I was so pleased that I successfully managed to actually do a doodle every day and fill up an entire sketchbook! In my arty adventures this is perhaps one of my proudest achievements to date, besides setting up the etsy shop of course.

I found Inktober very rewarding! It got me into the habit of drawing every day, which helped me develop my personal style more and also allowed me to take some time for myself each day and do something I love.

This year I followed Northern Spells prompts that they kindly shared over on Instagram! It was amazing to see how other people had interpreted the prompts, and very interesting to see the different styles of artwork. The fact that Inktober is such a popular event on social media meant that I was able to find so many talented artists to follow on their Inktober journey too.

See my Inktober doodles below…


I really hope that next year I manage to take part again!

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