The Roundup 2017

So 2017…where do I even start?

This has probably been one of the best years I’ve had for achievement in a while…

So January, that’s when the Eve’s Forest adventure officially began! I took the leap (a fairly small one, not expecting as great a response as I have received) and started an Instagram to put my work out there…

…the next few months were pretty rough for me. I was writing a dissertation, stressing about trying to get a first, living in a house that didn’t make me happy anymore, all while trying to apply for my Masters! It was a hard time for me and I had a lot of self doubt at this point BUT I came out the other side and managed to complete my undergraduate degree! Woohoo 🙌

My dissertation was about the concept of affectionate parenting in fourteenth and fifteenth century England

By June I had recieved an email confirming that I had an unconditional place on the MA Medieval Studies course! A lot of happy crying and excited phone calls were made at this point.

Following this, after months of searching I managed to find a tiny little flat in York, where I currently am now. It’s far from perfect but I felt like it was my first step into adulthood. This change bought with it a lot of positivity, and I felt so much happier, completely forgetting about the stressed out mess I was a few months prior. With this new found attitude was also a motivation to really start putting effort into things that make me happy…being creative!

…and so I finally got round to setting up an etsy shop and doing my first craft fair!

Following the setup of the etsy shop I really wanted to get involved more with the artist challenges that often float around on Instagram. In summer it was Harry Potter’s 20th anniversary so I did some Potter inspired doodles while, coincidentally, attending Manchester Comic Con dressed as Porpetina Goldstein from Fantastic Beasts!

In August I completed Total Warrior a 10km assault course mud thing! My description is not great, but I actually had to go to the gym and prepare for it, which isn’t a very me thing to do. It was not only a physical strain but a mental one too! I faced my biggest fear of water, something which I never thought I would ever do! Not only did I dive under a log but I jumped over a *flaming* log into deep water!…whenever I feel a bit low or defeated I think about that memory and look back over the photos! I think of there wasn’t photographic evidence I wouldn’t even believe it myself!



August also brought the birth of the Tallulah pin badge and also my birth (all be it 21 years before Tallulah but I needed a link somehow). Yes 2017 was the year I turned 21! I don’t really get what the big deal about 21 is, I suppose I can legally drink in America now or go to Vegas! I spent some time at home with my family and convinced my boyfriend to come back with me! I paraded round Eggleston Hall Gardens in my dungarees proudly showing off my Tallulah pin, hugging trees and having photoshoots with bees 🐝🐝🐝

As September started looming closer I started feeling unbelievably nervous about starting my MA. It’s stupid to think now that back before I started I was worrying about making friends, about knowing what exactly I wanted to do and about making correct module decisions! September arrived and all my worries dispersed! I’ve already had the chance to see original manuscripts, work with some of my favourite historians, act in a play, and even attend a medieval bake off…and obviously sample a lot of the goodies…but by far the best thing I have gained from my MA studies so far is the friends (How corny!? Proofreading Laura will roll her eyes 👀)! These people are all so wonderfully intelligent and they all love the Medieval period as much as I do! It’s fantastic to be around such amazing human beings.

A month into my degree I decided I didn’t already have enough work for myself (Ha!) so I decided to take part in Inktober! (There’s a blog post on this already so I won’t bore you with too much repetition)

In short Inktober is something I am immensely proud of, and cannot wait to do again this year!

Finally in November I officially got to graduate! It felt so weird starting a MA without having already graduated but some universities like having graduation ceremonies in the freezing cold. The day was fantastic! Well apart from the fact the night before I didn’t sleep a wink because I was stressing about where I’d put my coat (writing this now I can’t believe how silly this was to stress over 😂). The ceremony happened in York Minster, which happens to be one of my favourite buildings! It was so great to finally wear that cap and gown, be reunited with some old friends and celebrate our amazing achievement!


Finally the year draws to a close and we make way for a new one but that’s not before Christmas…one of my favourite times of the year! This Christmas I really wanted to add the personal touch to my gift giving so I decided to draw family pets for some special people in my life! First I drew Wendy the cutest little Jack Russell I’ve ever seen (I’m not biased because it’s my sister’s dog 😂)! I then made an attempt at drawing Alfie the Tiebetan Terrier for my boyfriend’s mum. He was a challenge and I couldn’t get it quite right, so I asked Cal to have an impromptu photoshoot with his dog so I could try again. My second attempt was much better and his mum absolutely loved it! I then finally drew Skye, because of course I couldn’t miss out drawing our gorgeous family pooch! I felt as though Skye was by far the easiest to draw perhaps because of how much I know her personality, or maybe because I have soooo many photos of her to choose from! I definitely felt very proud of these portraits and I hope I may have the chance in the future to do some more. Accompanying these gifts were my medieval inspired Christmas cards and baubles! I mean how could I not?

…And that probably takes us up to now! My Christmas / New Year limbo period was mostly spent at home preparing for an essay, but I did get to do some exciting things like visit Tim Peake’s spacecraft (blog post coming soon) and go to the new Open Treasure exhibition at Durham Cathedral!

And there we have it! 2017 you were great…2018 I’m ready for whatever you’ve got!


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