Meet the Artist!

It’s about time that I introduced myself properly, especially since Eve’s Forest has now been about for over a year!!!

I’m Laura. Helloooo!!! I’ve been around since the 29th August 1996. I was born in Sunderland, but most of my life was spent growing up in Durham with my parents and my sister Amy.

That was until I moved away for university. After completing a history degree in York I decided that wasn’t enough education for me (na-ah), and so I decided to embark on a masters degree at the University of York’s Centre for Medieval Studies.

Alongside my degree I work in a vintage clothes shop, as well as keep busy in my little studio at Bar Lane.

…so onto my ‘arty farty-ness’…

I was always told I was an “academic” during my school career and as a result I never achieved much creatively during comprehensive school. However, both my mother and sister are heavily creative people, both enjoying creating and making to this day. As a result my artistic side (if you can call it that?…I have trouble using the word art to describe my work etc.) was nurtured. To this day I hold no artistic qualifications, remaining fully self-taught, but one day I really hope to do an illustration course!

A lot of work I do is heavily inspired by history as a result of my academic passions. I especially enjoy creating images inspired by the 15th century manuscripts I am lucky enough to see as part of my degree.

I decided to set up Eve’s Forest over a year ago now after a lot of encouragement from my family and my good pals. The name came easily, when I first started out I was doing a lot of botanical and nature inspired drawings…hence the forest part. As for Eve. That is my Grandmother’s name, (not mine as many people seem to think) she is one tough cookie, probably the strongest woman I know. This year she is turning 93!!! Even though I don’t get to see her often I know she is always rooting for me and continues to be my number one fan!!!

So now the fun part…

In most meet the artist posts I’ve seen the artists tend to list their likes and dislikes…but I don’t want to be negative so I’m just going to list some things that either give me the warm fuzzies or put a HUUUUGEEE smile on my face!

  • Being cosy
  • A really chocolate-y hot chocolate with a side of chocolate for dipping 😉
  • Reading She-Hulk comics
  • Pretty much every animal, but i especially love it when i see a baby Tapir ❤
  • Autumn evenings, carving pumpkins and crunchy leaves
  • Feeling inspired to draw something new
  • Finding the perfect vintage dress
  • Exploring historical places
Self portrait

Until next time…Stay Spooky!

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