Cheerio September

Hi all…it’s been a while! What can I say though…I have been busy, but now I’m back and ready to start blogging a bit more regularly. I have been setting my goals for up until the end of the year…one of these goals being to blog at least once a month, rounding up the past four weeks with some fun pics and doodles and set out my goals for the following month.

So…here we are with September!

Now usually in September I would be heading right back into the classroom for more studying, but not this year. 2018 marks the first year I have not walked straight back into education in eighteen years!!!…Yeah it’s going to take some getting used to…I’m probably going to miss it a lot but this isn’t the end of my academic journey, I’m just simply putting a pin in it for now.

Although not heading back to uni is a little bit weird for me, it means I get the much needed break I think I deserve! My brain has been pushed to the limit and now I am completely ready to just enjoy life a little bit more without worrying about deadlines and essays! I had such a stressful time finishing off my dissertation, as did most of my cohort…but I proved it to myself that I could do it! Not only did I manage to get it done despite applying for an extension, crying and working…but I managed to get it done two days early! I remember exactly how I felt that day. I power-walked pretty much to gettwo copies of “the beast” bound, wandered around aimlessly, nervously sweating and panicking that something would go wrong while it was being bound. Ten minutes later I picked it up and it was perfect. I practically skipped straight to Kings Manor to hand them in! I signed my name on the sheet, got a picture of me with my work and left. The feeling I had in that very moment was one that I will never forget. As soon as I got outside of the gates I realised that I didn’t have to run anywhere, I didn’t have to rush to get home to do some more research or write or anything…I just sat down on the bench outside the Art Gallery and let the world pass me by for probably about 40 minutes. Still to this day I am feeling so much bliss…I can dawdle home from work, and really take time to do things that I love, I feel as though I can take time to cook new and exciting things to eat, I can just waste my time…but it’s not really wasting is it if I’m living life how I want to???

Look at that tired face!

Wednesday the 5th rolled around, which was the official hand in date. I decided to stay up late the night before making the members of my cohort mini zines about our experience. They all found it pretty cute! We tried to celebrate as best we could but we were all so exhausted from countless all nighters trying to get the work done!

The following day I headed to a very special photoshoot for Sketch Appeal Magazine (You can pre-order it here… It was sooooo much fun it was all yellow and arty and just such a great day! I can’t wait to get my hands on the issue and see all the exciting things inside!

The following week I attended a workshop all about responding to briefs from heritage organisations for art installations. It was really interesting and hopefully if any opportunities come up in the future I will be able to submit a proposal! The workshop itself was delivered in Belsay Hall which is an unbelievably amazing English Heritage site (find out more here… At the time I visited there was an art installation called ‘The Yellow Wallpaper’ by Susan Philipsz and I can tell you it was AMAZING! The hall is completely unfurnished and all you could hear was her hauntingly beautiful voice drifting through the rooms. She took her inspiration from the Yellow Wallpaper, and sang some of the Border Ballads which were on a loop throughout the hall. The spookiest part was when in the basement. Her recording would come on every four minutes, usually catching you off guard which created a eerie and unsettling atmosphere. Even though the hall is completely vacant and empty, her installation certainly made it feel full and alive.

The following Friday I travelled to Leeds to the Girl Gang Fanzine Launch. I set up my own little exhibition because I was lucky enough to have my artwork featured in the zine! I’m really hoping that I get many more opportunities like this in the future!

ahhh that’s my work eeek

The week after I got to play model again this time for SallySally ( Sally has created her own flat pack cut and sew skirts and I got the wonderful opportunity to model them. Her prints are absolutely beautiful, so much colour and prettiness! I can’t wait to see the final products all packaged up eekkk!!!

That evening I decided to head to the Keeping it Crafty Social with my housemate where we made macrame feathers and got to mingle with fellow crafty people! I always have such a good time there!

My macrame feather!

On the 20th I held a stall at the Indie Makers Night Market which was sooo good! It has been my most successful event to date and I can’t wait to take part in more! Now that my degree is finished I feel as though I can really get excited about doing markets and fairs, as I have so much more time and don’t have to worry about not having enough time to study! Woo!

I made these stickers especially for the market…thy’re up on etsy now!

Finally on to this last week…On thursday I went to zine club, which I will definitely be attending next month! I love making zines and have loads of ideas bubbling away…hopefully some will be up soon on my etsy store once they are finished! I started one about gargoyles found on York Minster…

On friday I uploaded my FIRST YouTube video, and had some amazing feedback! I really felt a bit nervous about uploading it but now I actually feel excited about it…if you want to watch here’s the link…

Phew…It was a busy month! I can’t wait to see what October holds! I know I will be taking part in Inktober and hopefully filming bits here and there for my YouTube channel. And obviously the month ends with Halloween which is obviously my favourite holiday wooopeee!!!

Anyways…hopefully I’ll be a bit more consistent with blog posts now that I have a little more time!

In the mean time…


L x

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